The name and the people

La Ventana is a Spanish word that literally means 'window'. The word is related with notions of ventilation, wind, freshness and openings.

Hans and Rinske Schiere are both born in 1949 and they have 3 children. They have degrees (MSc & PhD) in agriculture from the Wageningen University where they graduated in the mid seventies. After living abroad from 1975 to 1985 they now run the combination of a consultancy firm and guesthouse. Hans continues to work in (international) consulting, advising and publishing. Both Rinske and Hans are motivated to find new ways towards sustainable farming and lifestyles. (See also

Note: After living in Bennekom for some 30 years we sold our house as per March 31st (2017). We now moved to a new place to pursue the same ideals in a new way, more to the north of our small Country, nearer to our (grand)children, almost next to Giethoorn. We stopped renting rooms and consulting only continues at low key but plans are set and some progress has been made to make the new place a good place, incl. a few appartments ( So we continue to avail room for visitiors. The new address is 
Hans & Rinske Schiere
Steenwijkerweg 201; 8335LG Witte Paarden; The Netherlands
cell +31-6-29562054 and 

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